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CRM Workshop

Many organizations develop business strategies without defining the processes and technology required to successfully implement and execute those business strategies. Usually the results are less than satisfactory and the strategies are abandoned without being given a chance to succeed.

All organizations need to understand what issues are impacting sales and marketing from being able to increase sales, profitability and market share.

Our CRM Workshop consists of taking in-depth analysis surveys from various people within the organization that will systematically identify critical business issues as they relate to people, processes and technology. These surveys facilitate face-to-face discussions with key executives and managers to understand what items are impacting the organizations ability to increase sales, why is it happening and how should it be resolved. The information is gathered, compiled, recommendations made and presented to Executive Management.

The benefits of this engagement include:

  • Identifying Key Business/Operational issues impacting sales
  • Identifying Lead Generation Improvements
  • Identifying Lead Management Improvements
  • Identifying Opportunity/Quote Management Improvements
  • Identifying Account Management Improvements
  • Identifying Account Profiling Requirements
  • Identifying Marketing Capability Requirements
  • Determining how an CRM application can be used more effectively
  • Developing high level strategies for improving customer acquisition, customer market share and customer retention within your organization

This consulting engagement involves senior management in all departments, selected sales reps, marketing, customer service and other key individuals whose insight would be valuable to include in the review.